About us

Hendry Homes is a family-run home building company that specializes in creating beautiful and distinctive spec homes.


The Hendry Home Building Crew

Adam & Dana Hendry


It all began when Dana and Adam Hendry had their first home built for them. As Dana became involved in the building process, she fell in love with everything construction. The process was so interesting, challenging, and fun that she didn’t want to stop when the house was complete. She and Adam eventually decided to sell that house to invest in building another home by themselves.
A few years later, Dana formed Hendry Homes so she could build homes for other families. Adam joined the company in 2018, and together the couple builds single-family homes in Snohomish County while raising their young daughters, Elena and Charlotte. In their free time, Dana loves to craft, decorate, and cook, and Adam enjoys boats, sunny weather, and all things cars.